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The Social Profit Center at Mill One is a place where people come together to improve the lives of others in our area and beyond. We want to create a space for people to collaborate, share and work creatively towards a better future. Together we can make a meaningful impact – promoting education, a thriving economy, and healthy, engaged and sustainable communities.

Come work with us in our unique and beautiful historic textile mill, right on the border of Trenton and Hamilton!


We’d love for you to join our collaborative community of socially impactful organizations. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a vibrant, like-minded community, please fill out our pre-leasing form to get the process started.


  • A Social Profit Community
    Foster innovative growth, collaboration, and excellence.

  • Shared Resources
    High speed internet, event and conference space, kitchens, rooftop deck, lounges, and more.

  • Green Design
    A solar power and green roof, LED lighting, daylight harvesting, high efficiency heating and cooling, and more.

  • Turnkey Spaces
    Office, warehouse, arts, and community spaces with exposed brick walls, massive timbers, and natural light throughout.

  • High Visibility and Access
    Located directly on the Northeast Corridor Rail Line and convenient to US Route 1 and 95/295.

  • 24/7 access

Social Profit Center Members not only benefit from the affordable rental costs and unique setting in a historic mill, but studies have shown there are true benefits to organizations who co-locate.

We hope to increase these benefits for our members by providing innovative and tailored programming to enhance natural collaboration. Come visit us to learn more!

Individuals and Community

  • Access
    Improved access to services and resources.

  • Economic Growth
    New hub of economic activity.

  • Safety
    Improved safety with increased activity.

  • Placemaking
    Stimulate surrounding property renovation and development.

Nonprofit Center Benefits

Key Findings of Tides commissioned report, “Measuring Collaboration: The Benefits and Impacts of Nonprofit Centers”, 133 established centers responding to an in-depth survey, Nonprofit centers produce:

  • Thriving communities.

  • Better social services for more people

  • New civic infrastructure
    Meeting, training, performance, exhibition spaces

  • Successful models for public & private partnerships